Bindi The Jungle Girl DVD Volume 5 - Jungle Fever

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Bindi the Jungle Girl is a Wildlife Warrior on a mission. In this DVD, Bindi meets some of the more unusual, iconic Australian animals – koalas, kangaroos, wombats, echidna, possums, kookaburras & crocodiles – as well visiting Australian landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House.

Bindi, Steve and Terri discover that the domestic dog has some pretty wild cousins - wild dogs from Africa, dingoes from Australia, wolves from the Arctic. Bindi and Terri also check out a training facility for Police Dogs. Bindi, Terri and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital team get to rescue thousands of animals each year - many of the animals are injured and need specialised intensive care at the hospital before they can be released safely back into the wild. We look at Bindi's close attachments with some of the patients.

Featuring Episodes 5 - 8

  • Aussie Icons
  • Mouthing Off
  • Dogs are Wild
  • Animal I.C.U

NTSC Region Free Format (plays anywhere in the World)

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