Celebrating 50 Years Australia Zoo Eco Bag

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Crikey! Our Australia Zoo eco-friendly, reusable bag is made from cream calico and features the "Australia Zoo Home of the Crocodile Hunter" logo screen printed on the front.  On the back are the words "YOU have made a difference by supporting the Irwin family's fight for wildlife conservation." Measuring 36cm wide x 40cm high (14 x 15.5") without the handles, it is a perfect bag to leave in the car for when you need to pop into the local shop for bread and milk.

Crikey! Australia Zoo turns 50.

Australia Zoo came from humble beginnings, opening to the public in 1970 as a two acre wildlife park with an array of snakes, freshwater crocodiles and kangaroos. Steve’s mission was to encourage people to live harmoniously alongside wildlife. Fast forward 50 years to the most interactive conservation destination on the planet! Now, Australia Zoo is more than 110 acres and home to over 1,200 animals! Help us to continue Steve’s legacy and save one, save the species.

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