Emily Vibes Sticker

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8cm x 8cm (3 x 3 inch) white sticker with black Emily Vibes image.

"Emily the curlew is certainly one of the most fierce, sassy and loveable animals that I have ever come across. She showed up one day at one of our remote conservation properties in outback Australia. Even though she is a wild bird, she immediately formed a bond with the humans that she interacted with and consistently followed us around for hours on end. But sometimes, she wakes up and chooses violence, promptly attacking for no real reason. She has no eggs to defend, just some serious anger management issues. And she has made international headlines for it, in the “Emily’s Anger Management" series on social media. We thought to celebrate her fiery personality, we would let all of you represent Emily and embrace the curlew chaos! Because sometimes, that Emily energy is just a vibe. We love you Emily!"

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