Robert Irwin Extra Large Uluru Canvas

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Welcome to an exclusive range of canvas prints by Robert Irwin Photography. Robert enjoys many adventures, and through his passion for photography is very excited to share a collection of his favourite photos taken on his journeys from around the world, printed on canvas for you to enjoy. 

This very special canvas measures 178cm x 52cm (70 inch x 20 inch), and includes a Certificate of Authenticity for the first 20 canvases sold.  Both the certificate and the canvas, are personally signed by Robert.

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"Uluru is the most iconic Australian landmark, synonymous with the beauty of our unique outback ecosystem. This incredible place is not only a natural wonder and home to a huge array of wildlife, it also holds great cultural significance. The rock itself seems to change and take on different moods as the direction of the sun moves, and in this photo I was able to capture the golden light of the setting sun illuminating the rock against dark rain clouds gathering in the distance. One of the things that I love about this shot is how green the foreground is. While many people might think that the outback is one big dry desert, after a big rain event it explodes into fields of vibrant green. With this shot, you can enjoy the heart of Australia in your home while helping support wildlife conservation."


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