Royal Mint Australia Zoo Cheetah Coin

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Check out the latest Australia Zoo Series from the Royal Australian Mint. The coin was struck from one ounce of silver and is dedicated to the Cheetah. It belongs to one of the world's most endangered species and is estimated to have fewer than 7,000 individuals in the wild. The motive shows a majestic cheetah in the run. He is surrounded by the inscriptions "AUSTRALIA ZOO" and "CHEETAH" as well as the weight and fineness.

The design was inspired by a photograph from Steve Irwin's son, Robert, at the Australia Zoo. The reverse depicts the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. - The denomination "1 DOLLAR" and the inscriptions "ELIZABETH II" and "AUSTRALIA 2021" are also part of the design. Native to Africa, the cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world and can reach up to 112 kilometers per hour in three seconds. The cheetah's physique is all about speed. Its slender body and long, thin legs are particularly suited to high acceleration.

Despite its size, the cheetah does not belong to the subspecies of big cats, such as lion and tiger, but to the subspecies of small cats. They hunt during the day and have black tear marks under their eyes to serve as an anti-glare effect. They can be recognized by their golden yellow fur, which is dotted with black spots. The limited Australia Zoo Cheetah Premium Bullion Coin is delivered in a protective coin capsule.

2nd Issue from the Australia Zoo Series
Premium Bullion Coin
99.9% Silver
Mintage only 25,000 pieces



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