Bindi The Jungle Girl DVD Volume 3 - Roar

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We join Bindi, Steve and Terri as they explore the world of big birds including macaws, cockatoos, vultures, condors and eagles. Bindi explains the important role birds play in the animal kingdom and how they have evolved features and behaviour.

We follow Bindi into the world of the biggest cats of all - lions and tigers. Powerful and stealthy, lions and tigers are the kings of their domain - lions in Africa and tigers in Asia.

We find out that lizards rely on their tails for balance, speed and defense, and some lizard tails are longer than others. Bindi and Steve encounter lizards of all shapes and sizes from all over the world and Bindi and Wes show us the world's biggest lizard - the komodo dragon.

Bindi also dives into the world of whales to investigate their gentle and peaceful nature. She looks at the many different species of whales and how many are endangered as a result of exploitation by man.

NTSC Region Free Format, plays anywhere in the world.

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