Bindi The Jungle Girl DVD Volume 4 - Chill Out

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Bindi braves cold and ice in her Jungle Tree House while Steve takes a journey to the end of the world. Here we explore some extreme wildlife and uncover their survival techniques in the hostile landscape.

Bindi investigates some of the more unusual looking wildlife and their odd behaviour. We uncover some strange animals that look like a mish-mash of different creatures put together.

Bindi and Steve look at the plight of wildlife around the world as it gets pushed further into crisis. What can we do to make a difference? As Bindi discovers, moving large aggressive, dangerous animals from A to B can sometimes prove a huge challenge! Steve travels to Africa, Asia and all over Australia to help transport some of the biggest predators from their old home to a new home.

NTSC Region Free Format, plays anywhere in the world.

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