Picture Pairing Game Crocodile Hunter

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The Australian wild is a big place to hide! Can you find all the creatures and critters living here? Use your memory and search for the animals that match the pictures on the cards. But be careful - if you draw a Scramble card, all the animals will find new hiding spots!

Contents: 19 cards, 22 Circle Tiles, Games Board & Instructions

 Ages 3+

Players: 2-4

Duration: 10 minutes

Introducing a better game for preschoolers and their parents, Picture Pairing games have an easier setup, fewer pieces, and less frustration than most family games! A novel approach to memory games with a richer and more flavourful theme, storytelling, and a controlled randomization mechanic to better engage kids! The components feature colourful and unique artwork to add distinction while providing fun and delight!



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