Black Mambas Wristband

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20% of all profits will be contributed back to the Black Mambas to continue their fight against poaching.

Poaching not only devastates countless species but leads to the social and moral decay of surrounding communities. The 'war' on poaching breeds violence and corruption, and results in overwhelming loss of life, both wildlife and people. The Black Mambas, South Africa's first female anti-poaching unit, is fighting to win this war, not with guns and bullets, but with social upliftment and education.

Inside the Balule Nature Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, a team of army-trained women guard the frontline. Having grown up alongside Africa's iconic animals - rhinos, elephants, lions and much more - they've seen firsthand the destruction caused by poaching. Utterly heartbroken and highly concerned for their children's future, these women - first mothers, then rangers and now leaders in the community - strive for peace.

With our support, the Black Mambas work to create a powerful presence in the reserve and neighbouring villages. By closely monitoring over 128,400 acres of habitat and building relationships in the surrounding communities, they're able to make the area undesirable and unprofitable for poaching as possible. Their peaceful tactics have helped to reduce the incidents of snaring and poaching by up to eighty percent. What's more, in an effort to completely eliminate violence in these areas, they do this all unarmed.