Crikey! Magazine Issue 51

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What a special edition of Crikey Magazine, with an exclusive interview and never before seen photos from Bindi and Chandler’s engagement. Spring is here, and with it, the latest from our annual Crocodile Research Trip and adventures from the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. The project is the longest telemetry study on individual animals anywhere in the world! Crikey Contributor Kate Berry takes us on a journey to the past with “The Fall of the Crurotarsans”, exploring the ancestry of today’s crocodilians, while Editor-in-Chief, Luke Reavley, explores the controversial world of trophy hunting. Discover what it takes to rear a tiger cub, as Tiger Handler Matt Tebb takes you into the world of Raising Nelson.

To celebrate International Red Panda Day on 21st September, you could WIN a red panda encounter with Bindi! Just subscribe, or renew your subscription by 31st October to go on the draw.

There’s all that, and more, in this edition of Crikey Magazine!