Robert Irwin Large Canvas - Big Tusker

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Welcome to an exclusive range of canvas prints by Robert Irwin Photography. Robert enjoys many adventures, and through his passion for photography is very excited to share a collection of his favourite photos taken on his journeys from around the world, printed on canvas for you to enjoy. Each canvas is personally signed by Robert, and includes a memento written in his own words giving details of when the photo was taken. Canvas size 60cm x 90cm (24 inch x 36 inch)

Big Tusker
African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Balule Nature Reserve, South Africa.

This is one of the last of the big tusker elephants left on the continent of Africa. It is believed that there may be as few as 30 of these remarkable giants left there, a lot of them isolated in areas very difficult to reach and document. I was incredibly excited to have the opportunity to photograph this big male in the Balule Reserve in South Africa. The genetics of big tuskers are becoming increasingly rare so to spend time with him was an amazing experience. It almost seemed as though you could feel his immense power as he slowly and calmly approached us with the morning mist and bright backlight creating this beautiful glow affect around him as seen in the image.