Robert Irwin Large Canvas - Happy Lion

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Welcome to an exclusive range of canvas prints by Robert Irwin Photography. Robert enjoys many adventures, and through his passion for photography is very excited to share a collection of his favourite photos taken on his journeys from around the world, printed on canvas for you to enjoy. Each canvas is personally signed by Robert, and includes a memento written in his own words giving details of when the photo was taken. Canvas size 60cm x 90cm (24 inch x 36 inch)

The Happy Lion

Panthera Leo

Balule Nature Reserve, South Africa

On a cloudy afternoon in the African bush, this big male lion was fast asleep when we came upon him. When rain started to fall he woke up and began stretching and moving around. As he looked up to the sky, he certainly seemed to enjoy the light sprinkle and I really loved how this came across in the image. Looking closely, you can see the little rain droplets falling around him as he happily soaks it all in. It’s always particularly special to capture the softer side to these animals!