Robert Irwin Large Canvas - Sumatran Tiger

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Purchase this very special canvas, released on International Tiger Day 2019. Canvas size 60 x 90cm/24 x 36". 

Below are a few words from Robert.

Sumatran Tiger
Panthera tigris sumatrae

Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Tigers are one of those animals that always take your breath away. With their iconic appearance, gorgeous colouration and unique personality, tigers certainly are a truly special animal.  At Australia Zoo, we are proud to be the home of a wonderful group of Sumatran tigers, a critically endangered species. This beautiful individual is named Scout and was born right here at the zoo to mother, Kaitlyn. Though we have had success over the years with tiger breeding, unfortunately, this species’ numbers are dwindling in the wild. That is why we are so committed to conserving Scout’s wild cousins and have supported preservation efforts in Sumatra for a long time. I certainly hope these magnificent cats are on our planet for many years to come.