Robert Irwin Metal Print Sunset Sky

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Shipping Early October!

Location: Ironbark Station Conservation Property, Queensland, Australia

This photo was taken at one of our conservation properties on the Great Dividing Range in southern Queensland. Sunset is one of the best times of day for photography and the colours in the sky illuminated this eucalypt tree brilliantly. I decided to use a fisheye lens from a low angle at the base of the tree to capture the tree from a different perspective. I was able to show the immense size and stature of the tree while and the breathtaking clouds surrounding it.

This stunning shot is now available in our first ever circle print, and comes personally signed by Robert!  Printing on a magnificent metal surface, it has a diameter of 24" / 60cm.  It arrives ready to hang on your wall, and allows you to be inspired by a spectacular sunset from your home or office, any time day or night!