Robert Irwin's Australia - Photography Book

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Years in the making, I am proud to announce ‘Robert Irwin’s Australia’. This book is a showcase of one of our world’s last frontiers, exhibiting powerful imagery from the most rugged, beautiful, surprising and awe-inspiring continent on Earth. It pays homage to my home, and encapsulates my journey behind the lens. For the first time, I will delve into what makes photography so special to me and reveal the profound connection it has to conservation, and to my dad’s life and legacy.

This is more than just a celebration of Australia’s natural splendour, but a story of the role photography plays in conserving our planet. Through each page you will not only find wild and vibrant natural beauty, but also images from the frontline of environmental turmoil. Above all, I hope this book exemplifies the wonder of the natural world while also providing a sense of reflection into the deep responsibility we all have to protect our precious environment.

I am honoured that I have the opportunity to allow each and every one of you to bring home a little piece of this great southern land. Australian made, printed, crafted and bound, this book’s profits go directly toward wildlife conservation to preserve and restore nature.
On behalf of the wildlife and wild places this can help to protect, thank you for your support.
Yours in conservation,

- ‘Robert Irwin’s Australia’ book.
- Sustainably printed, bound and made in Australia
- All components carefully packed by hand at Australia Zoo.