The Crocodile Hunter DVD Collection Volume I

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Exceptional Value - Only $14.95 AUD per Disc

The most beloved and influential wildlife campaigner of his generation, Steve Irwin brought the Animal Conservation movement into the hearts and living rooms of worldwide audiences through his larger than life persona as the adventure loving, reptile wrangling Crocodile Hunter.
This Crocodile Hunter Collection celebrates the achievements of not only Steve Irwin, but his beloved Australia Zoo in a beautifully packaged keepsake.
Features 20 discs containing 50 episodes from The Crocodile Hunter series, foreword by Terri Irwin, quotes from Bindi & Robert Irwin, photographs from Steve's travels and a brief history of Australia Zoo's landmark 40 years.

This collection is perfect for fans and wildlife enthusiasts alike.
Disc 1 - Steve's Story, Big Croc Diaries
Disc 2 - Wildest Home Videos, Steve and the Dragon
Disc 3 - Australia's Wild Frontier, Journey to the Red Centre
Disc 4 - Africa's Deadliest Snakes, Sidewinders of Arizona
Disc 5 - Jungle in the Clouds, Faces in the Forest
Disc 6 - Crocodiles of the Revolution, Graham's Revenge
Disc 7 - Whale Sharks of the Wild West, Sharks: Outside the Cage
Disc 8 - Crocodile Coast, Search for a Super Croc
Disc 9 - Wild River of Africa, Croc Live!
Disc 10 - Legends of the Galapagos, Last Primates of Madagascar
Disc 11 - Captured on Camera, Lights! Croc! Action!, Outback to Hollywood
Disc 12 - Reptiles of the Deep: Turtles, Reptiles of the Deep:Snakes & Kraits, Reptiles of the Deep: Saurians
Disc 13 - America's Deadliest Snakes, Island of Snakes, Spitting Cobras
Disc 14 - Forces of Nature, Wildlife in Combat, Swimming with Alligators
Disc 15 - Steve's Most Dangerous Adventures, Steve's Greatest Crocodile Captures, Operation Steve
Disc 16 - Reptiles of the Lost Continent, Dangerous Africans, Africa's Final Frontier
Disc 17 - Where Devils Run Wild, Last Waterholes of the Outback, A Handful of Elephants
Disc 18 -Surfing Snakes, Big Croc Diaries Special Edition, They Shoot Crocodiles Don't They?
Disc 19 - Wildest Baby Animal Videos, River of the Dammed, Casper - The White Crocodile (extended version)
Disc 20 - Crocs in the City, Tigers of Shark Bay, Ice Breaker.

NTSC Region free format, plays anywhere in the world.

This DVD box set is now proudly made in Australia.