The Crocodile Hunter DVD Volume 10 - Legends Of The Galapagos

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Legends of The Galapagos
Around 10 million years ago, an archipelago of over 200 volcanic islands was forming 500 miles west off the coast of South America. Named the 'Galapagos Islands', these unique land masses are now a wildlife sanctuary supporting a diverse number of animal species living in harmony. Steve and Terri take an intimate look at the lives of the islands' exotic inhabitants: land iguanas, marine iguanas, sea birds, seals, sea lions, and of course the giant land tortoise.

Last Primates of Madagascar
For some 100 million years, the flora and fauna on the island of Madagascar have evolved, completely independent of the rest of the world. Steve travels to this unique biosphere off the coast of Africa to leap with lemurs - a rare, ancient species of primate. Steve's adventure on a bicycle begins on Madagascar's south coast and as he travels north he encounters many of the Malagasy species, including the smallest and largest lemur. Steve also discovers other unique wildlife including snakes and chameleons, along with other very close encounters.

Approx running Time 100 mins. NTSC region free format, plays anywhere in the world.



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