The Crocodile Hunter DVD Volume 4 - Deadly Snakes

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Africa's Deadliest Snakes
Steve embarks on a quest to find the most infamous of all Africa's venomous snakes - the black mamba. In his search Steve encounters the most aggressive snakes he has ever seen - the Egyptian cobra, the dangerous boomslang, and the deadly green mamba. When he finally meets his nemesis, the black mamba, the encounter is Steve's most memorable and possibly most dangerous.

Sidewinders of Arizona
The deserts of Arizona are home to the notorious sidewinder rattlesnake. Steve and Terri set out on an adventure to find their first sidewinders in the rugged landscape of the Barry M. Goldwater Military Range. As a special occasion and to introduce Steve to the real 'Sidewinder' missile, the US Airforce base at Luke invite Steve to take the controls of an F16. In a spin reaching 'G' force 'nine', Steve loses consciousness in the air.

NTSC region free format, plays anywhere in the world.