The Crocodile Hunter DVD Volume 17- Surfing Snakes & Where Devils Run Wild

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Disc 1 - Where Devils Run Wild.
Where Devils Run Wild. Steve and Terri search for the Tasmanian tiger, a carnivorous marsupial thought to be extinct since the 1930s.
Last Waterholes of the Outback. Steve and Terri are on a mission to rescue and protect the incredibly diverse creatures of the Australian outback.
A Handful of Elephants. Steve searches for wild Indonesian elephants in Sumatra, meeting crocodiles, giant lizards and a wild boar along the way.

Disc 2 - Surfing Snakes.
Surfing Snakes. Steve heads to Indonesia where he looks at venomous snakes, lazy lizards and cheeky monkeys.
Big Croc Diaries Special Edition. Steve and Terri show off their favourite crocodiles at Australia Zoo and high speed film techniques highlight the power of these ancient and mighty creatures.
They Shoot Crocodiles Don't They. Steve gives the viewers a look at the seven cameramen who have captured his encounters with wildlife throughout the years.

NTSC free format, plays anywhere in the world.

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