The Crocodile Hunter DVD Volume 18 - River Of The Dammed & Ice Breaker

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Disc 1- River of the Dammed
Wildest Baby Animal Videos. Steve and Terri host this wonderful look at some cute and cuddly baby animals, as well as some not so likeable young ones.
River of the Dammed. While celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Belize Zoo, Steve takes time to observe a potentially disruptive dam project on the Macal River.
Casper the Crocodile. Steve relocates an extremely ornery white crocodile named Casper.

Disc 2 - Ice Breaker
Crocs in the City. Steve works with the Mexican government to solve croc problems in the resort towns of Tampico and Cancun.
Tigers of Shark Bay. Steve observes the tiger sharks of Western Australia's Shark Bay. He helps to release a captive tiger shark back into the wild and he hand feeds bull sharks.
Ice Breaker. Steve looks at the wildlife of Antarctica, including penguins, leopard seals and humpback whales.

NTSC region free format, plays anywhere in the world.

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