The Crocodile Hunter DVD Volume 2 - Steve's Scariest Moments

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Wildest Home Videos
This action-packed episode takes a look at some of the hairiest and scariest moments from The Crocodile Hunter's private video library and includes classic scenes from the archives of program out-takes. Steve is bitten on the face by an angry python, bitten on the foot by a vengeful crocodile, and has close calls with lunging crocodiles along with many other hair-raising adventures.

Steve and the Dragon
In the remote volcanic island region of the Indonesian archipelago, Steve goes in search of the world's largest and most dangerous land lizard, the Komodo dragon. These fearsome creatures are capable of inflicting mortal wounds with just one bite. This adventure is one of the few times we see people so closely interacting with these last remaining ancient dinosaurs.

Approximate Running Time: 100 minutes. NTSC region free format, plays anywhere in the world.