The Crocodile Hunter DVD Volume 5 - Jungle Steve

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Jungle in the Clouds
Steve treks from the coastal mangroves of New Guinea, through the steamy jungles of the lowland plains and the misty, cloud-shrouded valleys of the highland mountains, to the pinnacle of his trek at one of the few equatorial glaciers of the world. Along the journey he encounters cuscus, crocodiles, snakes, bats, tree kangaroos, turtles and butterflies.

Faces in the Forest
Steve travels to the remote jungle village of Bukit Luwang to study a community of rehabilitated orangutans. As part of the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre's program, Steve is privileged to take three juvenile orangutans into the forest for survival lessons. He has an amazing encounter with a female orangutan and her baby, who almost adopts him as a part of their family.

Approximate Running Time: 100 minutes. NTSC region free format, plays anywhere in the world.

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