Robert Irwin Hidden Leopard Canvas

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Welcome to an exclusive range of canvas prints by Robert Irwin Photography. Robert enjoys many adventures, and through his passion for photography is very excited to share a collection of his favourite photos taken on his journeys from around the world, printed on canvas for you to enjoy. Each canvas is personally signed by Robert, and includes a memento written in his own words giving details of when the photo was taken. Canvas size 30cm x 45cm (12 inch x 18 inch)

Species: Leopard (Pantherapardus)
Location:Balule Nature Reserve, South Africa
When we found this leopard she was starting her evening hunt, walking through the thick branches and shrubs of the African bush. She stopped for a while, so to get the perfect angle through the trees, I crouched as low as possibly could to get right down onto her level. I captured this image as she intently stared into the distance, listening and poised.


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