Robert Irwin Small Canvas - Scrub Python

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Welcome to an exclusive range of canvas prints by Robert Irwin Photography. Robert enjoys many adventures, and through his passion for photography is very excited to share a collection of his favourite photos taken on his journeys from around the world, printed on canvas for you to enjoy. Each canvas is personally signed by Robert, and includes a memento written in his own words giving details of when the photo was taken. Canvas size 30cm x 45cm (12 inch x 18 inch)

Scrub Python
Morelia amethistina
Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, Cape York Peninsula, QLD, Australia
The scrub python is Australia’s largest snake species, third largest in the entire world and they are most at home in trees. This medium-sized python seemed quite inquisitive of my camera when I stood below the tree limb that he was on. He stretched out to take a closer look which gave me the opportunity to capture this photo, as he flicked out his tongue to smell. I tried a low angle photograph to convey the scrub python’s arboreal nature and showcase his wooded surroundings.