The Crocodile Hunter DVD Collection Volume II

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A decade on from the release of the first collection of 50 documentaries from The Crocodile Hunter series, we are proud to launch Volume II with 50 rediscovered episodes new to DVD! Join Steve and Terri Irwin as they travel around Australia and the globe in the fantastic Croc Files series; look at the growth of Australia Zoo in some of The Crocodile Hunter Diaries; then on the final disc, join Steve, Terri, Bindi and Robert on some very special family adventures, before the final documentary takes a look at the crocodile conservation research led by Steve, that Terri and the Australia Zoo team continue every year in Far North Queensland. Thank you for joining us on the adventure to learn more about our wonderful wildlife, and for helping us continue Steve's legacy by being a Wildlife Warrior wherever you are in the world!

This DVD boxset is proudly made in Australia.
Region free NTSC format, plays anywhere in the world.
This collection features closed captions in English.

Titles of the 50 rediscovered episodes in The Crocodile Hunter Collection Volume II:

The Crocodile Hunter's Croc Files:
World's Deadly Four
Making Crocodiles
Dragons of the Outback
Leaping Lizards
Tasmanian Adventure
Dingo Fence
Freshwater Crocs
Deadly Australian Snakes
Animal Rehab
Wild River Ride
American Pets and Pests
Giant Snakes
Fraser Island
Dangers of the Deep
Turtle Rodeo
Rodents Rising
It's a Jungle in Here
Lizards Rock
Valley of the Reptiles
Bugs in the System
When Nature Calls
Dangerous Americans
African Adventure
Land of the Headhunters
Mysteries of the Jungle
Monkey Around
On the Road Again
Researching Reptiles
Birds of a Feather
Back To Nature
Hidden Forest
A Grain of Sand
Strange Africans
Close Encounters
Small Desert Survivors

The Crocodile Hunter Diaries:
Steve's Dream
Croc School for Bindi

Travel Documentaries:
Up Over Down Under
U.S. National Parks
National Parks Down Under

Documentary Special:
Secrets of the Crocodile