Bindi The Jungle Girl DVD Volume 6 - Wildlife Detective

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Let’s take another wild adventure with Bindi as she enters the world of snakes – venomous and harmless. Together we’ll look at some of the most venomous snakes in the world to the most placid and docile snakes you can find.

Join Steve and Bindi for an underwater exploration of some amazing sea creatures. We’ll see some incredible animals including whales, seals, sharks and dolphins.

Let’s do some sleuth work of our own with Bindi as she investigates the secrets of the animal world. Why do bears hibernate and how can animals sense things like tsunamis before humans know they’re happening?

Down in Tasmania, our friend the Tassie devil is under threat from a contagious disease, and large numbers of koalas are dying on an island off the coast of Australia. We try to understand why.

Featuring Episodes 21 - 26:

  • Snake in the Grass
  • Oceans Ten
  • Animal Mysteries
  • Devil Island
  • PLUS Bonus Episodes How Old Are They? and Treehouse Sleepover

NTSC Region Free Format (plays anywhere in the world)

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