Bindi The Jungle Girl DVD Volume 7 - Road Trip

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We're going with Bindi on an American road trip adventure! We explore the desert states of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. We see rattlesnakes and desert tortoises, gila monsters and bighorn sheep, Texas longhorn and bison. Bindi even rides a horse around the rim of the Grand Canyon!

We continue on the exciting road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles driving through the desert areas of California. Bindi, her little brother Robert and her dad’s best mate Wes explore the Mojave Desert and find some of the wildlife that thrives in this harsh environment - like tarantulas!

We journey to Indonesia on a wildlife and cultural tour of one of the most densely populated and bio-diverse countries in the world. Bindi learns some new moves in a traditional dance ceremony on the island paradise of Bali, comes face-to-face with an Asian elephant, cuddles an orphaned orangutan and locks horns with a white rhino! Not to mention the tigers…

Then it's back to Bindi’s Treehouse, which has been transformed into a dance studio filled with flashing lights, disco balls and pumping music for the finals of the Treehouse Idol competition! This is Bindi’s funniest performance yet.

Featuring Episodes 27-31:

American Road Trip
Desert Highway
Indonesian Safari
Tigers on a Plane
Treehouse Idol

NTSC Region Free Format (plays anywhere in the world)

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